John Dunn - The Weight Loss Therapist

John Dunn, MA, LCPAT, ATR-BC

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I am a licensed and board certified art psychotherapist practicing in Annapolis, Maryland. I received both my Bachelor's Degree (Art/Liberal arts) and my Master's Degree (Art Therapy) from Vermont College of Norwich University. I also studied biology at the University of Maine and the University of Maryland.

My backgrounds in biology, art and psychology have united in a passion to help others, like I have helped myself, in overcoming food addictions and emotional eating. I have made it my mission to help as many people as possible to regain their health, vitality and happiness.

I am licensed through the Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists of the State of Maryland. I am also a registered and board certified art psychotherapist through the Art Therapy Credentials Board (ATCB) and a member of the American Art Therapy Association (AATA), The Positive Psychology Association and the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation.

Since childhood I have struggled with weight and eating issues. Early in my childhood food became a substitute for love and comfort in my life. I learned how to use food to quell my anxiety and stress. I painfully remember my father's nickname for me in my freshman and sophomore years of high school was, "Lard", as in fat.

I personally know only too well how the effects of stress, bad habits, food addictions, aversion to exercise, multitasking, dissonant personal relationships, propaganda from the food industries, and my own emotional needs have conspired to short-circuit my emotional and physical health. Despite being a trained psychotherapist, it took me a long time to put all the elements together to finally "get my act together" so to speak.

Not that long ago, I was over 60 pounds heavier and on the verge of diabetes. I had high choleserol, heart disease, high blood pressure, allergies and osteoarthritis. Now my life has improved on so many fronts that it is difficult to describe in a few short sentences. I have more energy and much less pain, my self-confidence has accelerated, I look good in clothes that are no longer made by a tent maker, my sex life has improved, and I wake up every day just feeling good - that life is not as much of a struggle as it used to be. My asthma, my arthritis, my allergies, my high blood pressure, my high cholesterol and my high blood sugar are all tremendously improved. In my opinion, that is some fantastic stuff.

So, maybe I have been where you are now. I have the training and the personal experience to understand and overcome, firsthand, the difficulties that everyday life just puts in our way to live healthy and happy. Don't put off for another day the good things life has to offer. Get started with this website. If the website is not enough, then make an appointment to see me today. Then together we will embark on a journey to a happier and healthier you.

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