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Emotional Eating and Food Addiction Tests

Emotional eating and food addictions often overlap.

If you are concerned that you may be addicted to foods or you are eating more for emotional reasons than for regular hunger, then I suggest you take both tests to help determine if you may have some eating problems. The tests are brief and meant only as general indicators as to whether you may want to further pursue changes to your current lifestyle. Please be honest with yourself and answer the questions in a straight forward manner without overthinking. Clicking on the links will bring you to other websites. In the near future these tests will be included within this site. In the meantime please use your backbutton to return to this site

Emotional Eating Tests

Psychology Today Emotional Eating Test - they will charge money for full results, but take the test for basic results is free:

Nurition 411 Emotional Eating Test:

Fattitiudes Self-Test for Emotional Eating:

The Daily Mail - UK - Emotional Eating Test with decent results:

Eating Disorders General Test

Eating Disorders Self-Test:

The Eating Disorders Test (EAT-26) is one of the most widely used screens to help determine if you should seek professional help in regards to eating disorders. You can take the test at: EAT-26

Food Addiction Tests

Dr. Peeke's short food addiction quiz: Food Addict Test:

The Healthy Place food addiction questionaire:

The Yale Food Addiction Scale by Ashley N. Gearhardt, William R. Corbin, Kelly D. Brownell(2009)(2012) is the "official" Food Addiction Test which has been copied and/or modified by a number of other authors. I have included a copy of the test here along with instructions for anyone wishing to take and score the test in a more thorough manner. Yale Food Addiction Scale; Yale Food Addiction Scale Instructions